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Why Grateful Glass?

Grateful Glass pendant in hand

Grateful Glass cremation jewelry is a uniquely beautiful way to memorialize and celebrate the life of a family member, friend, or beloved pet. A small amount of ashes is permanently fused within layers of hot glass. The result is a stunning work of art that acts as a personal tribute and will last a lifetime. Each piece we create is entirely handcrafted to order so no two pieces will ever be the same.

For many people, having a tangible reminder of a loved one provides much comfort and closure. Glass is the perfect material to create cremation jewelry. Unlike metal, wood, or ceramics, glass will never fade, tarnish, rust, or break down. Our glass cremation jewelry is crafted exclusively from industrial strength Pyrex glass. Pyrex is the strongest commercially available glass and is significantly stronger than any other type of artistic glass available. When treated with care, your Grateful Glass cremation keepsake will last for many generations and become a cherished family heirloom. All of the art produced by Grateful Glass is proudly handcrafted in the USA, made individually by skilled glass artisans.

Grateful Glass is a wonderful option for large families as only a small amount of ashes is required to craft each memorial piece. Both children and adults can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of Grateful Glass. Every family member can have his or her own physical remembrance preserving forever the memory of a loved one. Because only a small amount of ashes is required for each piece, Grateful Glass cremation jewelry may accompany a memorial service, urn, or scattering of ashes.

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