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Our Memory Stones are a contemporary take on Worry stones. The ancient Greeks created the idea of Worry stones as a means of calming the mind. The simple repetitive motion of rubbing a smooth surface is said to bring tranquility. Knowing that your loved one’s spirit resides within your Memory Stone will be a perpetual reminder of their presence.

A small amount of your loved one’s cremation ashes is permanently encased and suspended within the glass, creating beautiful white flecks and organic bubble patterns. Our Memory Stones are mounted in a silver plated over brass keychain setting so that you may always be comforted by your loved one’s closeness. Please note- with heavy wear/rubbing of many keys, the silver plated finish may rub off over time. The Memory Stone is available in a variety of colors, one of which is sure to capture the essence of your loved one’s personality. Our Memory Stones are honorably presented in an elegant gift box and include a personalized Certificate of Authenticity.

The Memory Stone has an overall dimension of 1¼". 

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Hear what our customers have said...

When my best friend passed away, he was 22. I am 23 years old, and I had him by my side my entire life. Losing him completely tore my life into pieces.

The first thing I wanted to do was get some sort of memorial jewelry, but I wanted something more personal than 'container' jewelry. After looking through MANY websites and being more and more disappointed, I finally stumbled upon your website. I immediately loved your work and after finding other jewelry priced least expensive at almost $800, I was extremely pleased to see how affordable your work is.

I have never done this type of thing before and the thought of some mass producing company made me really uncomfortable. So I called and to my surprise, I was talking to the owner. Matt is very personable and was patient with my questions and concerns. He helped me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole process.

After ordering, I received confirmation every step of the way and received the kit and lastly my ring a lot sooner than I anticipated, which was great! I love my ring very much and I often find myself staring into it throughout the day. The work is clean and it is very beautiful! Thank you so much for giving me a small comfort that will always stay with me!