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The Celestial ring is a stunning way to honor the memory of a loved one. A small amount of your loved one’s cremation ashes is permanently encased and suspended within the glass, creating a myriad of striking white flecks and organic bubble patterns. Knowing that your loved one’s spirit resides close to you will be a perpetual reminder of their presence. 

Each ring is hand crafted with the utmost care and respect from optically pure Pyrex glass and .925 sterling silver setting. They are available in a variety of colors so that you may capture the essence your loved one’s personality. Our Celestial Rings are honorably presented in an elegant gift box and include a personalized Certificate of Authenticity.

The Celestial Ring features a glass stone that is approximately ½" in diamter. Each ring setting is entirely handcrafted to your specificed band size. Because of extra custom nature of this keepsake, turnaround times are sometimes longer than usual. 

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Hear what our customers have said...

I lost my beloved dog / best friend / sidekick in Feb of 2014 and wasn't sure what to do with her ashes as I knew I didn't want them just sitting on a shelf somewhere. After some searching I came across Grateful Glass. I didn't want anything morbid looking so the classy & subtle work Matt does here was just perfect.

After about a week of debating on the color I went with my gut and ordered the Onyx Perpetual Pendant. The collection container was sent to me right away, I shipped off a small amount of ashes and went on a 2 1/2 week long trip. When I returned I was thrilled to find the pendant waiting for me. The craftsmanship is beautiful and the quality is extremely high all the way down to the packaging. It far exceeded my expectations to say the least.

Hopefully you all live a life with as little loss as possible but if you find yourself not knowing what to do with a loved ones ashes at some point and don't want something that's obvious or morbid looking this is the perfect option. The moment you put your hands on the final product you feel just a little more at peace.