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The Forever Pendant is a timeless way to celebrate the life of a loved one and always keep them close to your heart. A small amount of your loved one’s cremation ashes is permanently encased and suspended within the glass pendant, creating a myriad of striking white flecks and organic bubble patterns.

Each pendant is hand crafted with the utmost care and respect from optically pure Pyrex glass and a sterling silver bezel setting. Our Forever pendants are available in a variety of colors so that you may capture the essence of your loved one’s personality. Each memorial pendant is honorably presented in an elegant gift box and includes a necklace cord with sterling silver clasp, as well as a personalized Certificate of Authenticity.

The Forever Pendant is offered in 3 setting sizes:

Charm .5" diameter, Petite .8” diameter, Standard 1.1” diameter. 


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Hear what our customers have said...

I had a memorial pendant made from my Mom's ashes. I can't say enough about what having this means to me. When I wear it I feel a special closeness and realize that there are times when I wear it that I'll be holding in in my hand, and it's always close to my heart. It is so intricate and reminds me of many opal, a mineral, a planet - something very natural. It is different in every light and in the sun it's as though there is a fire opal just underneath the surface, gleaming around the edges. It also feels so smooth to hold. I believe my Mom would have truly liked this idea since it supports her desire to return to the elements and have her remains be a part of the world around us. It's beautiful and a very fitting tribute to my Mom. Matt was wonderful to work with. Not only is he an artist, but he understands that he is working with very special materials. He was sensitive and respectful during the entire process.