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Our signature Eternal Orb is a timeless way to honor the memory of a loved one. Each Orb takes on different optical qualities depending on how the light reflects upon it. You will be captivated by its beauty and cosmic-like nature.

Each Eternal Orb is hand crafted from optically pure Pyrex glass. A small amount of your loved one’s ashes is encased within the glass and spun into a unique pattern of white flecks and organic bubbles. Our Orbs are approximately 2½" in diameter, roughly the size of a billiard ball, and are available either clear or backed with color. Each Orb is packaged in a scratch-free pouch, and includes an elegant display stand as well as a personalized Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hear what our customers have said...

Losing our boy has been the most challenging and heartbreaking time for our family. However, holding this beautiful piece of art by my heart everyday brings me so much comfort. My 1 year old daughter looks at my necklace and says her brother's name and smiles and says "love you." It brings us all so much joy. Thank you for the professional and respectful care and time that you gave to memorializing our loved one's ashes. This will be in our family forever.