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Matt Olian sketching

An Inspired Design

Because of the singular importance of memorial pieces, tremendous thought and care went into the design of our artwork. Its central theme revolves around circles and spherical shapes. Neither form has a beginning or end. The circle and sphere are traditional symbols for the cycle of life and the everlastingness of the spirit. Their smoothness of form is soothing and often therapeutic.

All of our memorial pieces are designed to highlight the cremation ashes themselves. When encased within glass, cremation ashes are strikingly beautiful and each piece is unique.

Torch with glowing piece

Transforming Ashes Into Art

Grateful Glass memorial pieces are created by taking a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and encasing them within many layers of hot glass. Using traditional lampworking techniques, our trained artists manipulate molten Pyrex glass over an open flame. As the ashes mix with the heated glass, they become permanently fused and suspended within. The calcium phosphates which make up the cremation ashes create a variety of striking flecks and bubbles within the glass. Occasionally, the ashes even produce mysterious colorations, the cause of which is unknown. No two pieces will ever be identical even if they are made from the same individual’s ashes.

All Grateful Glass memorials are individually made by skilled artisans. We combine numerous glass working techniques from around the world with our own proprietary methodology to make each Grateful Glass piece unique.

Our workstations are meticulously cleaned between each creation in order to eliminate any possible mixing of your loved one’s ashes.

Torch with glowing piece

The Finishing Touches

To properly cool the glass, your finished piece is placed in a predetermined location within a kiln. The glass will slowly cool to room temperature over the next 24 hours. This cooling process is known as annealing and tempers the glass to make it extra durable.

After the cooling process is complete, each piece is then thoroughly inspected. Finally, your Grateful Glass memorial keepsake is beautifully packaged and securely shipped.

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