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A small amount of ashes is needed to create a Grateful Glass keepsake. We typically ask for one small teaspoon for each piece, and any unused ashes will always be returned with your finished keepsake. Because such a small amount of ashes is required, Grateful Glass can accompany a cremation memorial service, scattering of ashes, or traditional urn.

All of our keepsakes are individually crafted by Grateful Glass founder Matthew Olian.

We wholeheartly understand this concern, and its something we do asked from time to time. We take the memorialization process very seriously, and take the necessary steps in identifying orders at all time to ensure clients receive their correct keepsakes.

It may take a small leap of faith to use a service like Grateful Glass or similar, and we cannot be the one to convince you. Its really something that you need to feel 100% comfortable with doing. If it helps to alleviate any concerns, Grateful Glass has been a proud supply member of the National Funeral Directors Association since 2013, and we work with many funeral homes around the country who put their trust us on a regular basis. 

Unfortunately, we no longer allow visitors to come watch the creation process in person. It is something we did use to offer in the past, and we found that it put a tremendous amount of pressure and stress (as you can imagine!) on our artists while working. As a result, it ultimately showed through in the finished pieces. Beyond that, there are some insurance issues at play with having visitors in our studio. There is a very real danger for burns/cuts from flying hot glass and our shop is not setup to adequately protect viewers. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Absolutely! Not matter how old the cremation ashes, we still can craft you a unique memorial piece.

Yes. We have made many memorial pieces with more than one individual’s ashes. Since the ashes will be mixed together, you will not be able to distinguish one from the other.

Absolutely, all of our keepsakes can be crafted from ashes of a beloved pet. Please visit our Pet Memorials page for more information.

We do our absolute best to create a consistent product that is representative of the sample images shown on our website. Please keep in mind however that we are creating something which is made entirely by hand (with lots of variables that are out of our control!) so each keepsake will truly be unique unto iteself and may look different than the sample images. Encasing ashes within glass is very much an art and not a science!

Each set of ashes reacts differently with the molten glass. Typically, the ashes will show up as tiny white flecks, but sometimes the ashes produce bubbles patterns. Occasionally, the ashes produce interesting colored flecks ranging the full color spectrum. This variation is largely due to the fact that individual crematories operate their machines, called retorts, at different temperatures and for different lengths of time. As a result, each set of ashes has a slightly different chemical makeup and will react with the glass colors uniquely. Simply put, we cannot control how the ashes will look in your keepsake and they may vary in look/design from the sample images shown on our website.

In terms of the acutal creation process, your loved one's ashes are picked up with a gather of molten hot glass. We use the same amount of ashes every time, but sometimes more/less ashes can adhere to the glass during the encasement, Depending on the particular chemical makeup of the ashes (much like a DNA makeup), sometimes more or less ashes will "adhere" to the hot glass during the encasement process. This can result in the finished keepsake have either a fuller or more empty look.

Please note: all of the sample keepsakes shown on our website were taken in a professional photography studio. Although they are completely unedited, certain colors like the Amber Purple and Sunshine Yellow may look differently in other light settings.  Please don't hesistate to contact us if you would like to see additional images of any keepsake colors in other light settings such as natural sunlight, etc. 

We work strictly with Pyrex, also known as borosilicate glass. It is the strongest commercially available glass.

Our most popular colors are Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, and Ruby Red. All of our colors will showcase your loved one’s ashes beautifully.

Yes, you may have noticed that the Amber Purple color looks quite different on some of the sample keepsakes shown on our website. The Amber Purple would be best described as an opalescent color, and it can take on a range of hues from tans, ambers, pinks, reds, purples, and also blues. It is a very interesting color but due to the nature of the color, variation in its final coloration is inevitable and out of our control.

The Amber Purple color tends to react uniquely with each set of ashes producing a wide range of different color effects. Additionally, a single pendant crafted from the Amber Purple can look very differently depending on the specific type of lighting (halogen, flouroscent, natural light, etc) and how/where exactly the light hits it. Many clients have said that the Amber Purple "comes to life" when the sunlight hits it! 

Another thing to be mindful of is that the Amber Purple is a translucent color. When it is used in setting where sterling silver is behind the glass (such as the Forever Pendant or Eternal Love Pendant), the silver tends to darken the coloring and show off more of the deeper purple/blue hues. Conversely, when there is no silver behind the glass (such as the Perpetual pendant), the color tends to show off the lighter tan/Amber hues.

Please note: all of the sample keepsakes shown on our website were taken in a professional photography studio. Although they are completely unedited, certain colors like the Amber Purple and Sunshine Yellow may look differently in other light settings. Please don't hesistate to contact us if you would like to see additional images of any keepsake colors in other light settings such as natural sunlight, etc. 

Great question! They are created by taking small amount of your loved one’s ashes and encasing them within layers of Pyrex glass. Once encased, the ashes are then spun into a unique pattern of white flecks and organic bubbles (no two Orbs will ever have the same exact patten!). Finally, they are backed with a color of your choosing on the underside or can be ordered in clear. The Eternal Orb is approximately 2½" in diameter, roughly the size of a billiard ball. Please note: although the Orbs may appear fully colored in the pictures, the colored portion is just on the bottom of the paperweight. This is with intent as makes it much easier for light to pass through so that you can easily view the ashes through the clear glass instead of colored glass.

Yes, our keepsakes can be ordered in 14K yellow/white/rose gold as well as platinum. Please contact us for further information.

Yes! You can view Matthew's unique artistic glass creations at

You can email us at or call us at 1-888-99-GGLASS


Yes! We have commissioned a variety of custom memorial pieces. Please contact us and we can discuss your commission.

Not a problem. We work with a large network of funeral homes throughout the country. You can contact us directly, and we will point you in the direction of a local funeral home that can help to facilitate your order.

Due to the extreme custom nature of our work, all sales are final. Please be aware that because our keepsakes are entirely handcrafted, variations in color, look, and finish may exist. For more information about potential variations in look/design, please read the Creation section of our FAQ page. 

If you have any quesitions about possible variations or you have a specific request, we encourage you to speak with us directly prior to placing your order. 


Shipping is a 3 step process. First, we ship you a collection kit that will allow you to safely and securely send us a small amount of ashes. Next, you ship the completed collection kit back to our studio. Finally, we ship the finished keepsake along with any unused ashes back to you. All shipments include tracking and insurance.

From the time we receive your collection kit at our studio, it typically takes between 4-6 weeks to craft and then ship your Grateful Glass keepsake. 

Yes, but it depends somewhat on our current order queue at the time. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

All memorial keepsakes are packaged with extreme care. Our Grateful Glass boxes are extremely durable and inset with protective foam inserts to hold all contents firmly in place. Each box is then individually bubble wrapped and then placed within an "indestructo" shipping carton.

We ship all keepsakes insured via USPS Priority Mail Express, the safest and only legal method for shipping cremation ashes.  Tracking information is provided for all orders. A signature will be required to recieve your finished keepsake. 

All shipping costs TO YOU are included in your purchase price. This includes the shipping of a Grateful Glass “collection kit” to safely and securely mail us a small amount of ashes as well as the shipment of your finished keepsake. These included shipments represent a $45 value.

Shipment of your completed collection kit back to Grateful Glass is at your expense. Typically, the return shipment will cost on average between $20-30. Your return shipment must be sent via USPS Priority Mail Express, the most secure method for shipping cremation ashes.

Yes, please contact us directly for more information about international shipments as our ordering process is slightly different than domestic orders. Certain restrictions may apply depending on your country of residence. 

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thank you so much

The Eternal Orb
Gary W.
A long time coming

I first saw Matt’s website at least a dozen years ago and probably more. I have family members all over the country and as people got older I saw how much it bothered them not to be able to travel and visit their loved ones. It was then that I decided I would be cremated and I want some of my remains to be combined in to an orb. I told my son, I then want him to put two google eyes on the orb and I’m to be kept near his computer or TV so we can continue to enjoy things together. At first he thought this was creepy, but now he appreciates it. Well, fast forward to January 2024 and my dad passed away at 89. He also desired to be cremated so I took some of his ashes and sent them to Matt. What I got back is so beautiful and gives me such comfort when I look at it or hold it. I keep it on my computer desk so it is always near me. I like knowing where my dad is, he is right next to me. Matt was wonderful at walking me through the process and keeping me informed. I couldn’t be happier with him or the product.

Perpetual Pendant in Pure White

I lost my dad just before Christmas. I miss him tremendously, but this beautiful piece brings me comfort. Matt was trustworthy, compassionate, and punctual. He provided an easy-to-use collection kit with clear instructions, and he let me know what to expect. When I received my pendant, I cried. It means a lot to me to be able to literally have my dad close to my heart and to still include him in my life in this way. I’m looking forward to being able to take my dad with me to some of the places he had wanted to see before he died. Reaching up to hold onto this pendant when I’m missing him is a reassuring and grounding sensory experience, too. I ordered the Perpetual Pendant in Pure White. It’s very pretty, and I appreciate that this piece is subtle and something I can easily wear on a regular basis. The similarity in color between my dad’s ashes and the white background allows for maintaining privacy and enables me to be intentional with disclosing the significance of this piece. Delivery was timely, and I felt like my dad’s ashes were treated with respect throughout the process. Thank you, Matt.

For Matt and the Thoughtful People at Grateful Glass

My name is Bridget Bogdanich, who along with my husband, John, began our journey to search for the perfect memorial keepsake to bring honor and some closure at the loss of our son two years ago. When I discovered the ethereal beauty of the Grateful Glass products, I knew we had found our answer. The pendants are impeccable and so thoughtfully designed. We chose one for each of our family members, in a lovely light blue that brought reminiscence of our son’s beautiful eyes and gave the comfort of being close with him again.
Matt was informative, sensitive and always available to help meet our needs. He is a true artist and a special human being. We are grateful for him and his team, and as we had hoped, we’re afforded with some peace and closure at this sad time. Thank you, Matt and your team.

Beautiful keepsake

I love my necklace to honor my brother! Matt did such an amazing job and was so caring. I really appreciate his attention and craftsmanship.